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How to make face skin pure and brightening?

Dead skin cells make your face pale and it may cause acne. The best solution to make your face fresh and illuminating is to use glycolic acid. Low glycolic acid concentration creams can refresh your face skin, make it pure, get rid of dead skin and illuminate it. It  treats also hyperpigmeted skin and make it brighten and free from darks spots.

What products we advise?

glycolic acid night creamglycolic acid day cream

Dr Taffi has day and night glycolic acid creams. Those two creams has vitamins and herbal extracts also to nourish face skin and make it younger. 


What you can expect from those creams?

You can expect from those creams: young face skin, wrinkles free face, gloomy face, bright face, pigmentation free face and dead skin free.

Treat fine wrinkles instantly
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