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Wrinkles types, causes and treatment

Let's talk today about wrinkles. The word itself is very important for men and women and they all look at it as an aging symptom. In fact wrinkles are not related only to aging. It is a symptom that is related mainly to skin damage. Aging is one of the causes of the skin damage and it is not the only cause.
Wrinkles mainly appear on the parts of the body which they are more exposed to sun including face, neck, shoulders and hands.

Wrinkles Types

Wrinkles are categorized into two main categories: fine and deep. Fine lines  are superficial and closer to skin’s surface. They are considered as one of the very first signs of aging. As skin begins to age, fine lines may begin to appear around the eyes and other areas on the face. These shallow lines tend to form along expression lines that appear when you smile, laugh or frown.

While fine lines are superficial and closer to skin’s surface,  deep wrinkles are more deep-set. As you age, many fine lines may turn into wrinkles as skin loses elasticity and firmness.

Risk Factors

The sun exposure usually damage the skin and lead to the appearance of wrinkles.
Many other things can cause wrinkles. We usually call these things risk factors. That means that the probability of wrinkles appearance increases with having one or more from these factors. The risk factors include:

1- Smoking

Smokers have more wrinkles in comparison to non smokers. These wrinkles start to apears in 30s and 40s especially around the mouth area.

2- Skin color

Lighter skin are more susceptible to damage and consequently to have more wrinkles. 

3- Exposure to the sun

UV radiation lead to skin degradation and to aloearance to wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. 

4- Aging

Collagen and elastin fibres gives the skin its strength. Unfortunately, they are reduced as we age making the skin lose its elasticity and firmness and causing wrinkles. 

5- Herdity: 

Some families have higher probability to have wrinkles in comparison to other families. 

6- Pollution 

Free radicals can cause a damage to the skin and make it losing its elasticity and firmness.

Products and Ingredients

There are alot of products and Ingredients are used in treating wrinkles. Retinols, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are effective in smoothing skin and treating wrinkles. Also Fruit acids like glycolic acid are good choices in treating wrinkles.




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