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Mature skin type characteristics and treatments

Have you heard before about mature skin? You might see this term tagged on some cosmetics products in the pharmacies or super markets or other selling points. This term describes a problem in the skin which needs certain treatment. 

What is Mature skin?

Mature skin is a skin with a lot of problems including dry aging skin, deep wrinkles, lost of elasticity, pale yellow skin, dark spots and hyper pigmentation with open pores. Almost all skin problems are found in mature skin.

Characteristics of Mature Skin

The mature skin type characteristics includes:

      1. Dry and dehydrated skin 
      2. Pale yellow skin
      3. Dark spots and hyperpigmented skin
      4. Open skin pores
      5. Deep wrinkles
      6. Weak and untighten skin

Reasons of Mature Skin

A lot of reasons cause mature skin which it usually starts to appear by the end of 30s age. Aging is the main cause of mature skin and it is effected by healthy diet, smoking, exposure to sun and other factors. Hormone changes during menopause accelerate the deterioration of skin health and make the skin becomes weak and mature.

Treatment of Mature skin

Treating mature skin is possible by treating the symptoms. Usually strong moisturizers like argan oil are used to restore the skin normal hydrated skin. Deep wrinkles are also treated by strong anti wrinkles ingredients like hyaluronic acid and anti oxidants. Usually a formula of hyaluronic acid with argan oil and nourishing vitamins like A and E are used. Some formulas contains herbal extracts and some oils are also used.

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